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Intern Therapists

Vanessa Harris, Intern

My mission is to ensure a safe and secure space where you feel comfortable being your authentic self. As humans, we are the most knowledgeable about what’s best for us in our lives; however, sometimes, we need some guidance. I would love to help guide you through the path of self-discovery, awareness, and well-being.

I strive to be an active guide that will walk beside you on your journey to heal what is hurting. I am a person-centered and holistically focused therapist who is committed to collaborating. I provide a safe space for all to feel empowered, gain insight, and learn skills to get through difficult stages. If you are looking for someone who gets it, I would be happy to connect!


Christall Murphy, Intern

Christall works from a humanistic perspective and utilizes a person-centered therapeutic approach when
collaborating with clients. This theory allows her to build a strong rapport and a successful therapeutic
alliance with those she works with, creating a safe and supportive space while simultaneously creating
room for change and growth. Working from a trauma-informed perspective, Christall’s clinical interests
and experience include working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples addressing issues
including PTSD, trauma, gender identity, and relationship challenges. As a practitioner, Christall acts as a
guide for her clients, with the understanding that they are the true experts on their lives and lived
experiences, while she is equipped with the tools to help them navigate toward the state of well-being
they desire. She believes it is an incredible honor to work with clients who have decided to start their
journey toward a better tomorrow.


Catherine Fisher, Intern

I profoundly respect that you’re searching for help. It takes boldness and courage to make the decision
to reach out for support, and I do not take that lightly.
I’m a Master’s in Clinical Psychology student at City University of Seattle and will be graduating in June
2023. I have experience working with clients facing challenges with depression, anxiety, family issues,
romantic relationship issues, abuse, meaning, spiritual issues, career change, and many other of life’s
stressors. The therapeutic environment I create is a compassionate, empathetic, calm, safe, trustworthy
space where you can be your genuine self. You will be heard. You will be respected. And we’ll
collaborate together toward your goals, and help you find life satisfaction and peace.

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