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Intern Therapists

Kristian Gursli, Intern Therapist

My approach to counseling is Existentialism. I believe that as humans we all experience concerns inherent to being alive, though how these existential concerns manifest in our relationships with ourselves and others is completely individual. Systems such as family, community, socioeconomic background, significantly impact how we internalize and adapt to these existential concerns. It is my belief that when we find the meaning behind our individual struggles we are able to live life with purpose. I believe that this exploration of meaning and purpose is the primary function of counseling. It is a space where individuals have the freedom to express themselves authentically, knowing that they will not be judged. Over time, my hope is that this process will carry over outside of this safe space, clients feel encouraged to take risks, brave their fears, and challenge their self-imposed limitations.

Kendall Slemko, Intern Therapist

I believe that everyone has the right to a fulfilling life while being their most authentic self. Everyone is capable of growth, resiliency and positive transformation. For some, it takes a collaborative effort to achieve this, which is why I am grateful to be a part of this journey with you.  I believe that each individual is an expert in their own lives and comes with their own unique story that I look forward to getting to explore and understand while we work together. I am extremely passionate about working with individuals to reach their full potential and live their best life while learning new ways of navigating their own experiences.

I work from a Person-Centered and Cognitive / Rational-Emotive Behavioral orientation. I understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach in any regard to life, even counseling and I want to make this experience catered towards my clients needs, wants, and strengths. I strive to make each person I serve feel safe and welcome in a non-judgmental space. Stepping into counseling is an extremely brave choice and I commend you for taking this step towards healing.

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Crystalin Thompson, Intern Therapist

I work from a humanistic, attachment, and narrative orientation. I genuinely care about people and carry a warm curiosity that allows me to hold nonjudgmental spaces for all emotions and thoughts to be witnessed. I view the foundation of therapy as creating a safe space to feel seen and heard. I believe everyone has the capacity to heal, reach their most authentic selves, and have the resources within them to solve their own problems. Often our experiences, traumas, adversities, and hardships sever our connection to ourselves in order to survive. While this is adaptable, often we carry beliefs, thoughts, and emotions into places where they are no longer serving us. Through our work together we will explore these different parts, witness their usefulness, and collaborate on finding pathways towards healing together. 

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